Member Value

WorkInTheFLOW is for the serious professional, businessperson and entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, the working parent starting a side-hustle, or someone looking for a pivot in career, or wanting to bounce ideas off other serious entrepreneurial problem-solvers.  WorkInTheFLOW discourages the posturing that is common in networking events, and focuses on trying to gather people around lofty ideals of creating wealth like the tide that lifts all boats. Listed below are some of the current and planned features of WorkInTheFLOW.


WorkInTheFLOW aims to foster a pay-it-forward culture by shining the light on the hidden wealth in a community in the form of wisdom and experience .


WorkInTheFLOW encourages all members to become mentors in areas of their respective domain expertise. This uncovers a rich reservoir of help for all.


WorkInTheFLOW recognizes that deep wisdom acquired in a variety of industries is available in every city, including among the retired. Members tap that.


WorkInTheFLOW aims to be the safe space for members to seek solutions to complex business challenges from fellow members who have been there.


WorkInTheFLOW emphasizes kindness as part of all interactions so members may focus on problem-solving without distractions.


WorkInTheFLOW aims to give members ample opportunities to highlight their personal brand, in a likeable manner, through unique programs.


WorkInTheFLOW will leverage resources across distances to bring added value to members. through cross pollination of opportunities for progress.


WorkInTheFLOW recognizes that ultimately work-life is still life, and aims to bring members meaningful products/services through collective purchases.